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Urge to Kill Rising...

So, my landlord is a total fucking scumbag who should die lots.

Since I have been living here (Six months now) I have had no heating in my room, the en-suite bathroom keeps breaking (shower not working, toilet exploding, ceiling pipes leaking, the flooring is put together horribly so I keep cutting my feet on the cracks, and there are gaps in the skirting-board and around the window so there is a constant breeze coming in (boy is that fun when there's a storm. I get a bloody hurricane in my room 0.0).

For months I have been begging him to do something about it, and he only came around to look at things properly yesterday when I rang him at 8am and said that I wasn't paying him any rent until the room was sorted. (And even then he took his sweet ass time. He promised he would be round before 11am. He finally strolled in through the door at 12:45 ¬.¬)

He didn't really do much. Just stayed around all day staring at things and tutting to himself. Oh, and he tore my bathroom apart again and left nails, screws and rubble everywhere (including in my bed... How the hell did he manage that???)
Saying he'd be back early this morning he buggered off not cleaning anything up. Soooo he arrives today at 4pm and demands rent from him because he's "sorted everything".


I went into my room, noted that nothing had been done and told him that I stood by my previous statement. I would be with-holding the rent until my room was in a liveable condition. I haven't slept properly since living here. Most nights I get about two hours sleep if I am lucky. I then sleep in one of my housemate's bed during the day. I am always ill due to the cold and damp, and I am always cranky and on edge due to lack of sleep.

His answer? He needs the rent to sort out the room. And pretty much, if I don't like it, move. If I don't pay him the rent, I'll have to.

I am so screwed.

Dec. 26th, 2009

1 6am start, 1 two hour walk, 5 slips on the ice, 2 cut knees, 1 massive hissy fit due to trains and buses being cancelled, and 1 £80 taxi journey later....I'M HOME!!!
Sometimes I really don't know why I bother. I have never ever felt so much like I don't belong in all my life. Family are supposed to make you feel wanted, and loved. They're the ones who are supposed to make you feel special.
I really wish I hadn't bothered spending all that money, time and effort getting here. Spending Christmas alone would have been better than this.



My commission from http://mixtbloem.deviantart.com/

I love it sooooo much! She's even managed to make it look like me! *happy dance*
you can ask one question; Any question, no matter how crazy, sinister, lewd or wrong it is. I WILL answer no matter what and you will have my FULL honesty; but I DARE you to put this in your LJ and see what questions you get...

Christmas Cards!

Yup, it's that time of year again! If you would like to receive a crimbly card from me, please PM me your name and address! I shall be buying the cards tomorrow! I can't wait! *Dances*

Quick Update!

Saber came down to see me last weekend which was wonderful! There are both pros and cons to having a long distance relationship, and I am really trying hard not to focus on the cons. But I really miss him sometimes. I don't know which I prefer, falling asleep with him beside me, or waking up with him beside me.

Yes. I'm a soppy git. I know.

But! I have something to look forward to! He will be coming down to see me again on the 13th and he will be staying longer than just a weekend this time! *dances*

Went to the Manchester meet today. Was nothing special really, I mainly hung out with close friends and didn't really socialise much. Ah well, Rock World tonight! I gets to dance lots! Woooooo!!!!